Mr. Thomas GaleaStudent Representative


Mr. Thomas Galea is currently a 2nd Year Electrical Engineering student at the University of Malta while also holding the role of Secretary General with UESA (University Engineering Students’ Association). Thomas has years of experience in student activism and student affairs, starting from student councils in secondary school and at Sixth Form as Public Relations Officer, and into University, starting with his role with SDM (Studenti Demokristjani Maltin) as Assistant University Coordinator and then being appointed later on with UESA as Secretary General. Throughout the years, he acquired key skills in public speaking and teamwork. He has also taken part in several productions such as Soirees’ at Sixth Form and Students Fest at University, teaching him important skills in time management and logistics as he formed part of the backstage crews.

Apart from an interest in national affairs, since joining the course he has peaked his interest in the engineering profession and has been well informed and involved in the several issues that were tackled by the Engineering profession especially those that directly affected the student body. Alongside UESA he has worked to achieve the best for the profession not only for himself but for his peers and wishes to continue this work alongside the great work that is being done by the Chamber of Engineers.


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