Inġ. Anthony CachiaMembership Secretary

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Inġ. Anthony Cachia graduated in 1983 from the UOM in the mechanical engineering field. The engineering profession is very much at heart to Anthony who over the past years focused on the improvement of the profession’s level of recognition within the Maltese society. He served on the Engineering Profession Board for the past 21 years and for 13 years on the Council of the Chamber of Engineers in various roles including that of General Secretary. Inġ. Cachia features as Head of Facilities & Estate Management, Projects and Administrative Services in the management structure of Air Malta plc.

His contribution towards the profession is further sustained through his experience in a number of fields, namely aircraft development, airfield equipment, building services, facilities and estate management, project management and business services. His objectives are for the engineering profession in Malta to keep evolving concurrently with industrial and economic developments while having the engineer spearheading important roles at a national level.


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