VOPS 08/2020 – Call for Photography, Videography and Graphic Design Services

The Chamber of Engineers is working on the preparation of public relations material to promote the engineering profession and the pathway to become an engineer. Amongst others, the Chamber aims to raise awareness on the engineering profession, mitigate wrong perceptions and misconceptions, generate interest in students towards STEMM subjects, engage with stakeholders of the engineering profession and create co-operation with policymakers and drive an agenda in favour of the profession.

To this effect the Chamber is seeking to create a number of graphic designs and photographic and video graphic representations that include testimonials, promotion of gender balance and equal opportunities as well as a number of video graphic campaigns aimed for Social Media and TV.

A call for quotations for such services under funded project VOPS 08/2020 is being issued for interested applicants. The terms of reference are available in both English and Maltese.

Quotations are to reach info@coe.org.mt by the 3rd August 2020 end-of-business.

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