Our country, like the majority of the rest of the world, is experiencing challenging times due to the situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic. This situation which has clearly put public health authorities under the national limelight and is rightfully driving all Maltese to further recognise doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals due to their incessant work to educate society, control the spread and care for the inflicted. The Chamber commends these corageous actions which are saving lives and controlling the situation.

The Chamber of Engineers also expresses profound recognition to the supporting functions of society which sustain healthcare facilties and institutions, without whom daily operation would be strenous, and who often remain unremarked. These supporting institutions, which remain vital to a well-functioning society, comprise of a variety of professions and roles, including engineers

Further to the above the Chamber notes other key sectors which are at the moment indispensable, which may also be led by or comprised by engineers. These sectors include but are not limited to; electricity generation and distribution, water supply and management, supply of medical gases, telecommunications, waste management (especially hazardous waste), IT support, environmental health and safety, logistics and trasportation, cleaning services and so on. These services form part of the foundations of the social fabric supporting the nation’s essential services currently dominated by healthcare.

Once again the Chamber commends the valuable work being done and yet to be done whilst more drastic control measures are expected. You are all urged to follow national directives by health authorities and appreciate how YOU can contribute to alleviate the situation!

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