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Sunday, 24 May 2020
Seminars and Courses
The Chamber of Engineers has been organising courses for the engineering community since 1997. Great care is taken to ensure that courses are of a high standard, and that the tutor delivering a course is qualified in the field. A number of these courses are very much in demand and are run on a regular basis.

The Chamber also offers a service of organising customised courses upon request, including courses which do not appear on the list. The Chamber will prepare a draft contents list for approval and will source appropriately qualified tutors. The Chamber is also conducting a series of courses aimed at Continuous Professional Development, (CPD) of its members.

Upcoming Courses


Upcoming courses scheduled for September to December 2018


Principles of Safe Mobile and/or Tower Crane operation course

This course is designed for every person involved in operating a CRANE, this course gives the opportunity to obtain adequate information of the principles of Safe Crane Operation together with their OHS obligations and responsibilities.

Course duration: 15 hours

Dates: September 10th, 12th, 14th, 17th, 19th


Principles of Safe Forklift operation course

The main objective of this course is for the Forklift operator to obtain adequate safety training covering the principles of Safe Forklift operation together with their OHS obligations and responsibilities. After completion of this programme, the successful learner will have a detailed understanding of vehicle maintenance operations and the roles and responsibilities of reach truck and/or counter balance forklift. This includes various methods on how to operate the Forklift in an economic manner.

Course duration: 15 hours – 3 hours per session

Dates: September 17th, 18th, 20th, October 2nd,4th


Technical Report writing for Engineers

This course is designed to develop your presentation skills, to become a more effective communicator and to advance your ability to produce, assemble, proof read or edit technical document to professional standards and in a time-efficient manner.

Course duration: 9 hours, 2 sessions theory and last session will be dedicated to reviewing, discussing and editing short pieces of work submitted by delegates

Course duration: 9 hours - 3hours per session

Dates: September 13th, 20th, 26th


Finance for Engineers

The course provides an introductory background to some key areas of financial and management accounting, which are also analysed in real world scenarios. It includes worked examples and case studies relating to each of the topics covered. Course participants are provided with an opportunity to apply financial techniques in practice and to discuss the various issues that may arise. The awareness and understanding of the various financial techniques available will enable delegates to communicate better with financial professionals, within and external to their organisations, and to become more effective managers

Dates: September 14th, 18th, 25th, 27th

Course duration: 12 hours – 3 hours per session


Conflict Management Course

The conflict resolution workshop delves directly to the heart of conflict. The workshop is aimed at all members of the workforce through to senior Management. We all have a responsibility for making the workplace an open, honest, and effective place of work.

Course duration: 1 day workshop (8 hours)

Date: November 2018


Managing Health and Safety Training Course

The main objective of this course is to introduce the legal aspects and importance of carrying out occupational health and safety risk assessments at the workplace, identifying the business impact of such risk assessments, and the importance of changing the organisational mindset to being more aware of health and safety issues and near misses. Health and Safety at work is every employee’s responsibility, and the most successful organisations are those that can work consciously with accepted risks and make conscientious efforts to protect their employees from harm.

Dates: October 2018

Course duration: 9 hours - 3 hours per session


Refresher Courses for Forklift Operators and Crane (Mobile/ Tower) Operation

These courses are designed to all candidates who obtained their initial training approximately 3 years ago

Course duration: 6 hours - 3 hours per session

Dates: October 2018


Principles of Safe use of Tail Lifts

It is important to consider some sort of mechanical lifting aid if heavy items are regularly loaded and unloaded from a light commercial vehicle. Operated incorrectly can cause operators problems from damaged merchandise to potential injuries.

By attending this course, you will be aware of the Minimum Safety and Heath requirements in accordance to the Legal Notice 293 of 2016.

Course duration: 3 hour session

Date: November 2018

The Chamber of Engineers is delivering courses aimed at the Engineering Community, including customer specific training.

Visit: www.coe.org.mt for upcoming courses schedule per month.



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