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Tuesday, 18 February 2020
CoE position on National Policy relating to the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The CoE has recently presented its position as part of the consultation process on a National Policy for the reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions.

The position document stated its support to the initiative taken by the Minister for Resources and Rural Affairs to draw up a national strategy directed towards the reduction of CO2 and other Greenhouse gases. The Chamberfeels that the proposed strategy provides a valuable contribution towards the establishment of a number of key initiatives that will provide for a better environment.  Download the CoE's Position Document here.

It is pertinent to note that the National Allocation Plan for 2005-2007 submitted to the EU Commission on the 18th October, 2004 captured a number of measures that were considered worthy of further investigation to see how they could be applied to reduce GHG emissions across the economy. A number of the recommendations are again presented in this report. We mention this in order to emphasis the need that the strategic initiatives identified are followed through. In part the solutions have been known for a number of years yet few of the identified initiatives seem to have been followed through into implementation.

We recommend that the recommendations proposed are evaluated in greater detail particularly with respect to their cost and the anticipated effectiveness and are categorized into high and low priority actions. In addition the specific actions proposed should be further evaluated in greater detail using the methodology established in the Strategic Environment Assessment Directive as may be appropriate. This will ensure that an approved methodology for assessment can be applied uniformly to all the various activities.

The Report recognizes that the subject is complex and transcends most if not all of the policy domains and we would therefore consider it essential that one of the top priority action items should be the evaluation of the impact on GHG emissions of key relevant national policy areas in particular water, energy, tourism, transport and planning and development, with a view to aligning them as may be necessary to the objectives of the Climate Change Strategy. Following are our observations with respect to the recommendations put forward in the draft strategy. In general our observations are limited to those areas were we feel improvement to the proposals can be made or where comment is merited.

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