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Sunday, 16 December 2018
New Council for 2009/2010

Following its annual general meeting, the Chamber of Engineers (CoE) has elected its new Council for the year 2009/2010.

Ing Saviour Baldacchino, Ing Joe Degabriele, Ing Antoine Sciberras and engineering graduate Mr Matthew Galea were elected. Together with the President of the Chamber Ing. Helga Pizzuto, Ing. Ray Vassallo, Ing. Godfrey Muscat, Engineering Faculty representative Prof Ing. Robert Ghirlando and the student representative Mr Joseph Azzopardi they constitute the new council.

Building on past achievements the new council is determined to work towards a number of very clear strategic objectives, namely;

building the capacity in order to enable active participation in national issues through creating a number of focused member expert groups which can participate in public consultations, prepare position papers and make valid representations when required,

increase the profile of the profession within the community in general and more specifically make the value of the profession more visible to the business and political communities,

provide better value to its members through an improved service package.

In view of these set objectives the council is currently preparing a strategic document which will be published shortly. Among other initiatives the council will strive to strengthen its continued development programs and the offering of a wider selection of training courses available to the engineering community in Malta. Meanwhile, the first activity organized by the new Council will be the 18th Annual Engineering Conference in April.

With well over 400 members the Chamber of Engineers is the professional body representing the interests of the engineers in Malta. The chamber regularly organizes seminars, conferences, training, site visits to the local industry and a number of socials which ensure the right networking opportunities.

Through its efforts and supplemented by its publication ‘Engineering Today’ the chamber keeps its members up to date with all aspects related to their profession. More information can be found on the website of the chamber www.coe.org.mt.
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