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Tuesday, 20 November 2018
New Engineers Receive Warrant

New engineers receive warrant33 new engineers were presented with their warrants from Resources Minister George Pullicino in a brief ceremony held on Tuesday, December 16th. In his address, Pullicino urged the new engineers to practice their profession ethically.

Minister Pullicino said, the role of the engineer is central and a valuable within society and is crucial to a number of sectors of our economy such as tourism, telecommunications and energy. The minister also highlighted the fact that engineers will be playing an ever more central role in society as from next year with the introduction of the 'Energy performance of buildings' directive and said he was pleased to note that there was a good response from the public about this directive.

The engineering profession is continuing to grow and the engineering course at university has become more popular in the recent years, even amongst women, the minister said. Moreover, he expressed his personal wish to see more women take up courses in science disciplines such as engineering as their contribution was essential to a healthy economy and society.

In his brief address, Pullicino also revealed that the Engineering Board is working on finalising the amendments to update the Engineering Profession Act so that the profession can meet today's new realities and be in line with European standards. Among the amendments is the proposal to grant the engineering warrant to EU citizens from other member states from Malta as opposed to the 'special license' being granted them today.

Another amendment proposed by the Board is in article 22 whereby it is stated that the main areas of engineers are 'electrical' and 'mechanical', the minister said. The proposed amendment puts forth 'ICT' and 'marine' engineering as areas of specialisation for engineers.

Pullicino urged the new engineers to take on the country's challenges presented them and to do their utmost to help in achieving the targets for clean energy for the present society and for future generations. The minister finally thanked the Engineering Board for their valuable work in promoting the engineering profession.

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