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Saturday, 04 April 2020
Upholding Ethics for the benefit of Society and the National Interest.

The Chamber of Engineers expresses its concern with respect to the unfolding of recent events which led up to current situation in Malta. The reputational damage being suffered by our country, due to these ongoing developments, will unfortunately have rippling effects on various sectors of the economy, and hence affecting several professions.

In respect of engineers exercising their professional duties in local business, and professionals in other sectors as represented by respective Chambers, the Chamber appeals for the correct and immediate measures to be taken.

The Chamber recommends its members to clearly understand the seriously negative implications that are induced by unethical behaviour. As an organisation, the Chamber of Engineers has invested heavily in promoting ethical behaviour amongst members of the profession and this policy is kept alive through the ethics committee, which has a primary role of being the guardian of the Code of Ethics for engineers.

The Chamber takes this opportunity to highlight the vital importance of ethics throughout professional practice and reminds its members of their duty to uphold ethics, to exercise their professional duties without fear or favour, of their obligation to speak when witnessing unethical behaviour and of their responsibility to work in favour of common good.

Finally, the Chamber urges the country’s leadership and institutions to take the necessary action and attenuate the negative impact on society and the economy. This should be done without hesitation in order to safeguard the national interest.