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Monday, 30 March 2020
Engineering Education in Malta: Paving in Way for Future Industry


The Chamber of Engineers’ raised concerns over a general negative trend in the intake of engineering students, which in 2017, triggered the Chamber (under the Presidency of Ing. Norman Zammit), to form an Education Sub-Committee.

The Sub-Committee was tasked with an in-depth investigation which led to the launch of a project titled Engineering Education in Malta: Paving in Way for Future Industry.

The Project’s aims were three fold;

  1. To determine whether the problem was a reality or a perception,
  2. To identify the reasons behind the declining numbers’ and,
  3. To propose a way forward with solutions to address the issue.

The Methodology behind the study consisted of a thorough analysis which included assessing the trend of students taking up the University of Malta’s B.Eng. (Hons.) degree. Such degree provides eligibility for the Engineering warrant as per the Engineering Profession Act – Cap. 321, the critical points in students’ lives in which decision making may potentially lead to an engineering course, and the progression of students from such stages into the engineering course at the University of Malta.

Concurrently, a survey was commissioned to further research the reasons for such a decline. The audience included students, parents and educators and concentrated on their perceptions, attitudes. It also tackled students’ critical decision-making time-points and the influences on their choice of studies.

The entire study resulted in eight key findings, which were used as a platform to identify recommendations on which the Chamber would focus their efforts to improve the current situation.

Empowerment, resourcing, stakeholder collaboration and a long-term vision are critical factors which will support the gradual achievement of the goals identified through this project.” explained Chamber President President Dr Ing. Daniel Micallef. “The Chamber and the Sub-Committee members for this project, have already started to work on a number of initiatives to address this challenge and will continue spearheading future activities”.

The Chamber appealed to the stakeholders of the importance to have factual and transparent visibility at all levels of society, which should mitigate any misconceptions and wrong perceptions on the profession.

“The engineering profession is a fundamental cornerstone of every modern society. Educators have a pivotal role to play in portraying the correct picture of what an engineer is. When the industry invests in engineers, it effectively invests in critical thinkers which are nowadays fundamental to remain competitive. Salaries of engineers still have a long way to go in Malta compared to mainland Europe and if Malta wants to become a technological hub, salaries of professionals must reflect this ambition.” continued Dr Ing. Micallef.

The Education Sub-Committee was led by Dr Ing. Micallef and included Dr Ing. Marc Anthony Azzopardi, Dr Ing. Brian Zammit & Dr Ing. Daniel Buhagiar. Funding for this study was made possible through the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector (MCVS) under the Voluntary Organisations Projects Scheme (VOPs).

Detailed information on the commissioned study and its results can be found here.

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