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Thursday, 22 August 2019
CoE President's Statement

On Monday 15th May the Chamber of Engineers had a meeting with the Hon. Minister Mizzi and representatives from the Engineering Board to discuss the outcome of the review process of the engineering degrees being issued by MCAST and the University of Malta in relation to the eligibility for the warrant to practice the profession. These last three years, Chamber of Engineers had been following up with the Engineering Board on the issue. The principle to be followed is that all degrees are to be brought up to the same level without compromises and where some degrees lack in the level then bridging study opportunities should be given to all graduates and students to ensure a level playing field. The report from the Board, based on the findings of the international reviewers, has revealed that there are deficiencies in the courses being given by MCAST and these deficiencies are resulting in graduates from MCAST not being able to apply for the warrant to practice as an engineer. Furthermore these anomalies are creating the notion of 1st class and 2nd class graduates in engineering that is many times being exploited by industry in favour of lower wages awards. We sincerely hope that MCAST will commit to making the necessary changes to bring justice to their students and bridging studies opportunities should be given for those MCAST graduates to allow them to align with fulfilling the requirements. This process should not become a political game and the Engineering Board has our full support in the way the issue is being handled.

Inġ. Norman Zammit , President

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