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Saturday, 04 April 2020
Extraordinary General Meeting Outcome

On 30th August 2014, the Chamber of Engineers held an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at SmartCity Malta. The EGM was held in order to propose amendments to the CoE statute in response to a motion put forward in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of 2014.

In his introduction, Chamber President Ing. Norman Zammit explained that the aim of setting up the Statute sub-committee was to propose statute amendments as a follow-up to the request from members during the 2014 AGM. This committee, represented by Prof. Robert Ghirlando, presented the proposed amendments to the EGM, allowing present members to suggest their modifications.

The amendment proposals can be found here.

The motions, proposed by Dr. Ing. Brian Azzopardi and seconded by Ing. Charles Cuschieri and Dr. Ing. Alex Rizzo were also discussed during the reading of the relevant items.

The outcome following the reading of each amendment were as follows.

1. Amendment 5.6 (Corporate Body Membership): Accepted

2. Amendment 5.7 (Interested Persons): Accepted

3. Amendment 7.1 (Levying of fees) and 7.2 (Non-Payment of fees): Accepted with modifications

4. Amendment 9.2 (Composition of Executive Council and Student Member): Motions Accepted with modifications

5. Amendment 9.6 (Removal from Post): Accepted with modifications

6. Amendments related to audit clauses: Accepted

7. Adding of New Clause related to Ethics and Disciplinary Sub-committee: Accepted with modifications

8. Amendment 13 (Emergency General Meetings): Accepted

9. Amendment 14.1 (Member Auditors): Accepted

10. Amendment 14.4 (Certified Accountant): Accepted

The accepted amendments were made effective at the end of the EGM. The updated statute can be found here .

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