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Tuesday, 20 November 2018
Final Year Students’ Awards 2013-4

As was customary in previous years, the Chamber of Engineers once more participated in the Final Year Students’ Awards ceremonies for mechanical, electrical and ICT engineering students. CoE President Ing. Norman Zammit represented the Chamber during these events.

Mechanical and Electrical

The Faculty of Engineering held its Final Year Engineering Students’ Projects Exhibition and its award giving ceremony on 3rd July.

Josef Grech was chosen as the winner of the Best Electrical Final Year Project for 2013, with his project entitled ‘Development of a system to acquire and visualise foot posture and plantar pressure’.

Other projects included:

  • Matthias Fenech - Remote Monitoring and Control from a Smartphone or Tablet using a Raspberry PI
  • Shawn Azzopardi – Wave Energy Conversion
  • Nicholas Vassallo – An investigation of Dynamic Control Strategies for Robotic Manipulators
  • David Zammit - The Design, construction & testing of a CHP
  • Mark Calleja - An FPGA-Based Object Tracking System

George Preca won the award for Best Mechanical Final Year Project for 2013, with his ‘Design of a proof-of-concept surgical instrument for removing metastases’. Other projects included:

  • Althea K Bord - Design, Manufacture and Testing of Titanium EBM Insert for Injection Molding
  • Shaun Maniscalco - Metal-on-Metal Implants: Alleviating the Problem
  • Thelma Bonello - Characterisation of PIRAC-treated Titanium Alloy
  • Josef Camilleri - Conceptual Design of a High Speed Planing Craft


The Faculty of Information and Communication Technology held its Final Year Students’ Exhibition and the 2013 Dean’s List Awards on 10th July. Tamara Caligari received the award for Best ICT Final Year Project for 2013, with her project ‘The use of smartphones for secure transations’ Other projects included:

  • Darryl John Ellul - A Generic 2D Wavelet Transform on FPGA
  • Jordan Lee Gauci - Implementation of the PCI Protocol on an FPGA

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