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Tuesday, 18 February 2020
Chamber of Engineers holds Annual General Meeting

Four members were elected during the Chamber of Engineer’s Annual General Meeting, which was held on on Friday 28th  February 2014 at the Professional Centre. The meeting was chaired by Chamber President, Ing. Saviour Baldacchino.

In his address, the President reported on the Chamber's administration and governance, financial position, training courses, membership status, communications and public relations, activities with a highlight on flagship events, stakeholder relations and way forward.

Course topics included mobile/crane safe operation, forklift operation, neuro-linguistic programming, heavy plant equipment. Three seminars on specialized topics appealing to engineers were held through the outgoing term, namely, Basic acoustic concepts, Waste management and alternative energy and Working in the cloud with Microsoft. In all, 433 persons participated in these educational events.

The President also covered the topic of membership in some detail, outlining the current membership structure, growth trend and the values of being a Chamber member . Regular efforts are made to reach out to graduate engineers and engineering students. The Chamber continuously  strives  to create new values and benefits for members.

Membership between 2012 and 2013 has remained quite steady, with only slight increases being registered in all the membership classes. The Chamber membership stands at almost 800 members.

As regards Communications & PR, the Chamber continues to issue regular a number of press releases,  regular Events & Opportunities mailshots, e-Newsletters and website updates. The Chamber has also continued to publish Engineering Today, the organisation’s flagship journal, and looks into new ways to produce more interesting content.

Over the past term CoE featured regularly in online social media and registered increasing participation with:

197 posts in Facebook
32 posts on LinkedIn
Achieved 455 likes on Facebook
And 289 members on LinkedIn

In terms of events, the Chamber organised a number of sessions together with MIM (EC Tax Law, Managing Intellectual Property in Engineering and Manufacturing, SEPA, Edinburge Business post graduated programmes). It also organised a seminar with IEEE on computing with private data.

The Chamber organised several meetings, with retired engineers, first year engineering students and new graduates. The Chamber also organised visits to the Armed Forces of Malta, as well as a tour of historial sites.

The President also referred to the Chamber’s yearly events, namely, the engineering students best final year project awards, as well as those for ICT students, the Malta Engineering Excellence Awards, and the Chamber’s annual conference, which focused on healthcare this year.

In terms of Stakeholder relations, the Chamber continued to strengthen its relationship with the Malta Federation of Professional Associations, with the President sitting on the Council and New-Members' sub-committee. The Chamber is also represented on MEUSAC, with the President attending Core Group meetings regularly. A Chamber working group also prepared a base document which will serve as a starting point to issue a  national standard regulating the installation of PV systems.

In conclusion, the President stated that the way forward calls for a strategy review of the Chamber as well as the re-assignment of priorities and responsibilities. The Chamber also aims to continue attracting new members, reviewing and re-organising the membership database. The Chamber will also seek alternative EU funding and sponsorships, and also plans to review the Statute and propose revisions to the Engineering Act.

Finally, Ing. Saviour Baldacchino thanked the outgoing Executive Council, supporting staff and all volunteer members who work close to the Chamber and contribute for the well being and promotion of the engineering profession.


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