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Sunday, 16 December 2018
Chamber holds event for Engineering Graduates

The Chamber of Engineers, led by President Saviour Baldacchino, recently welcomed a number of soon to be Engineering graduates for an introductory event to the organisation.

During the event, the role of the Chamber was described, as well the work being carried out by the organisation. Various past experiences were also recalled by member engineers who were also present. In this regard, professional networking was stressed as an important cornerstone of one’s professional life.

Attendees were also given the opportunity to voice any queries they might have. Amongst the questions raised, attendees pointed out the importance of practical training during the summer months. The Chamber stated that it would be looking into opportunities in order for this to be organised.

Various questions were also raised regarding the Engineering Act and the eligibility criteria of obtaining the warrant. Attendees also mentioned various possible modifications to the University of Malta course. The Chamber of Engineers stated that was willing to support the students and the University of Malta in any discussions that might take place.

Membership with the Chamber was also covered, with the graduates showing interest in changing membership from Student Class to Graduate Class. Membership benefits were also explained in detail.

The event was closed with refreshments being served.



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