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Sunday, 16 December 2018
CoE meets Sargas AS

Coe Meets SargasThe CoE recently met with representatives from Norwegian company Sargas AS, Mr Martin Roden,Director of Business Development and Mr Claes Nygren, Director of Technical Development.

The Sargas representatives gave a presentation on a proposed green power plant in Malta, which, they claimed, would substantially lower costs than the power produced today as well as current plans. The compact power plant produces exhaust gases that are cheaper than required by EU regulation, with extremely low emissions of Co2, SO2, NOx, Mercury, soot and dust.

The new proposed power plant will decrease the cost of electricity. It can be configured either at 180MW, meeting the Base Load required for Malta, or 360MW with the strategic aim to export clean energy to Italy and the European grid.

The fuel consists of bio paste, which is a mix of biomass and fossil fuel. The plant captures 95% of CO2  in the exhaust including CO2 from biomass and fossil fuel. The proposed 360MWe plant will annually produce and export 2.36Mton CO2, of which up to 50% may derive from biomass. The Co2 is exported out of Malta by ship to Denmark where it will be stored underground. With 10-20% biomass the plant will act as a CO2 sink, also known as bio energy carbon capture and storage.

The full scale reference plant in Stockholm is presently operational with up to 32% biomass in the fuel mix, composed of olive seeds imported from the Mediterranean area and projecting to utilise a 50% biomass fuel mix by 2015.

The representatives explained that the next step is a feasibility study that will verify local regulations and requirements, as well as confirm the site’s (Delimara) viability.


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