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Saturday, 04 April 2020
Chamber of Engineers congratulates Engineering Graduates

The Chamber of Engineers would like to congratulate the recent engineering graduates, who successfully completed courses in undergraduate, master’s and doctorate degrees and graduated on Wednesday 24th November and on Thursday 2nd December. The number of engineering students has continued to increase steadily over the past years, with mechanical engineering proving to be more popular than its electrical counterpart.

“Engineering is a rapidly changing profession, perhaps one of the most dynamic, today encompassing areas such as marine, production, telecommunications, and information technology. It is much more than the original classifications of mechanical and electrical. In fact, our Chamber’s own membership reflects this diversity of disciplines,” he explained.

He continued by saying that the success of Malta's economic growth in the future depends on continued development, in which engineers can be key contributors As time goes by, more advanced technology will be required for the future purposes of society and the economy. The role of the engineer will become more and more crucial, as the demands become more challenging, be it environmental or infrastructural concerns. “Engineers must be given the opportunity to make the major contributions which their knowledge and competence could provide,” he concluded.


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