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Saturday, 04 April 2020
Engineer wins Award second year running

The Chamber of Engineers would like to congratulate fellow member Ing. Marco Cremona on winning the Johnny Walker Man of the Year Award for 2010. The Chamber is pleased to note that for the second year running, an individual in the engineering profession has once more been recognised for their efforts and innovative work, with Ing. Cremona succeeding the 2009 winner, Dr Ing. Nicholas Sammut.

Ing. Cremona is a remarkable example of the importance engineers have in our society.  With his expertise in environmental technologies and hydrology, Ing. Cremona has contributed to impact assessments of national importance, as well as projects which have enhanced our society, whilst lessening environmental impact.

“This is just one example of the positive and innovative endeavours made by engineers in all sectors of society, with the engineering profession contributing daily to the advancement of our islands, be it in minimising damage on the environment, or designing safe and efficient infrastructure,” explains Ing. Saviour Baldacchino, President of the Chamber of Engineers. Each project is multi-faceted, as it must be planned while keeping in mind factors such as cost, time, sustainability and safety. “Eventually, engineers are contributing a great deal to our economy.”

“It is encouraging that our fellow engineers’ achievements are being recognised, and awarded,” says Ing. Baldacchino. “In fact, the principle aim of the Chamber is to promote and network engineering and the profession itself. We firmly believe in the importance of increasing awareness of the profession, to encourage our young people to take up engineering. After all, it is an important pillar towards the continuation of our society.”

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