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Monday, 24 February 2020
Engineers awarded for Leadership and Innovation

Carlo Gavazzi, Ing. Joseph Degabriele, and Ing. Antoine Riolo were the winners of this year’s Engineering Excellence Awards, an annual event organized by the Chamber of Engineers. Held on Friday 3rd December at St. John Cavalier, the 9th edition included awards in three categories: Innovation, Leadership, and Lifetime Achievement.

The awards were kindly presented by Parliamentary Secretary for SMEs and Land, Dr. Jason Azzopardi, who was representing the Prime Minister, together with Chamber of Engineers President Ing. Saviour Baldachino and Vice President Ing. Ray Vassallo.

“This event is an opportunity to recognise engineering excellence and the capabilities of the engineering community,” stated Ing. Saviour Baldacchino, during his welcoming address. “With great satisfaction, we note that these Awards keep gaining in profile and acceptance from an industry that recognises the prestige that they carry.” Ing. Baldacchino encouraged members to continue in their excellent work and innovative contributions. 

In his speech, Dr. Azzopardi stated that these awards serve as an encouragement and a drive for excellence for individuals and organisations.  “This augurs well for both the profession, and those who benefit from it,” he said.  

The award for Innovation was presented to manufacturing company Carlo Gavazzi, for the RSBT, an innovative 3-phase scroll compressor soft starter mainly used in heat pump applications. The RSBT achieves an inrush current reduction of up to 65% thereby reducing energy tariff bills and eliminating other undesirable effects.

The Leadership award was presented to Ing. Joseph Degabriele, whose initial experience working at Manoel Island Yacht Yard led him to discover Malta’s potential to enter the high value added niche market of superyacht repair. He was later appointed General Manager of Malta Super Yacht Services.

Six years later Malta Super Yacht Services is now established as a leading super yacht repair and maintenance centre in the Mediterranean. The business has developed from a mere small department within a larger organization into a fully fledged and independent operation helping to ensure the continuation of a centuries of marine related skills in Malta. 

Finally, Ing. Antoine Riolo was presented the Lifetime Achievement award. With a career spanning over 43 years  in the service of public corporations and authorities active in water and energy sectors, Ing. Riolo has participated in numerous projects, including the introduction of the Reverse Osmosis process in Malta and in the procurement and construction of the first desalination plant in Malta incorporating this process. The eventual installation was one of the largest commercial plants in the world at the time.

He was also responsible for the setting up of the Water Services Corporation and eventually appointed as the first CEO. Following this success, in 2001, he was appointed as the first CEO of the Malta Resources Authority. The Authority during his stewardship built up a regulatory framework for the various sectors including fuels, conventional electricity, RES and biofuels and water management.

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