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Tuesday, 18 February 2020
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MEEA 2017 Press Release

The Malta Engineering Excellence Awards 2017 – 12th December 2017

PRESS RELEASE: 19th December 2017

The Chamber of Engineers launched the 16th edition of the Malta Engineering Excellence Awards (MEEA) on the evening of the 12th of December 2017. The MEEAs 2017 were held under the distinguished patronage of H.E. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta at the Verdala Palace. The MEEA showcased the excellence in engineering innovation and its positive impact on the Maltese society through three different awards:  The Maurice Debono Lifetime Achievement, the Industrial Excellence Awards and the Best Student Projects’ CoE Awards.

An amazing performance by the Harpist Dr Lydia Buttigieg opened the evening. An introduction to the MEEA by Chairman, Ing. Michael D’Amato and a welcome address was then presented by Ing. Norman Zammit, President, Chamber of Engineers.

The Maurice Debono Lifetime Achievement awarded was presented by her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca to Ing. Helga Pizzuto and to Ing. Anton V. Cutajar.

Aviation Cosmetics Malta Ltd, Altern Ltd and Malta Life Sciences Park were the three nominees for the Industrial Excellence Awards. Hon. Chris Agius, Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and the Property Market presented the awards for the Industrial Excellence Awards to the winner, Malta Life Sciences Park.

The Best Student Projects’ CoE Awards were divided into 3 streams;  Mechanical Engineering,  Electrical Engineering and  Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) best project awards.

The nominated students for the Mechanical Engineering Stream were Daniel Aquilina, Marlon Attard and Daniel Farrugia. Rachel Cauchi, Jeanluc Mangion and Geraldine Mifsud were the three nominated students for the best project in the Electrical Engineering Stream. As for ICT, the nominees were Nicholas Bonello, Leander Grech and John Napier.

Hon. Chris Agius, Parliamentary Secretary presented the award to Daniel Farrugia for the Mechanical Stream, Geraldine Mifsud for the Electrical Stream and to John Napier for the ICT stream.

Dr. Ing Glenn Cassar, representing Dr. Ing. Andrew Sammut, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Prof. Ernest Cachia, Dean, Faculty of Information, Communications & Technology at the University of Malta gave encouraging speeches about the students, Industry-Academia collaboration and the impact of engineering in society.

The evening recognised Engineering excellence in Malta and Engineering society and was closed by a reception where winners, nominees, engineers and guests were all invited to attend.

Thanks go to the volunteers at the Chamber of Engineers, the nominees, academics, engineers, guests and our corporate sponsors namely Bank of Valletta plc and Citadel Insurance together with the supporting sponsors Enemalta, Hydrolectric, Abertax, Crane Currency, Konnekt and Malta Industrial Parks.


Figure: Ing. Norman Zammit, President, Chamber of Engineers and Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta


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London fire: Many killed as Grenfell Tower engulfed - Lessons for Maltese Engineers and Facilities Managers

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said questions will need to be answered over the safety of tower blocks.
He stated that "we can't have a situation where people's safety is put at risk because of bad advice
being given or if it is the case, as has been alleged, of tower blocks not being properly serviced or
maintained," he told BBC Radio.
Matt Wrack, of the Fire Brigades Union said something had clearly gone badly wrong with fire
prevention procedures at the building.
Firefighters would normally fight a fire in a tower block from the inside, going up the fire escape,
and fighting using the internal dry-rising mains, he said, but that's not been possible in this case. –
BBC Report

This incident brings to light now more than ever the importance of the proper facilities management
of buildings. In places like Malta, with its densely populated areas, Developers need to carefully
consider the importance of life safety systems from design to execution and eventual maintenance
under the Facilities management regime. A word of caution goes to those engineers involved in the
design of such buildings and others in the management of such facilities. We, as Chamber of
Engineers, strongly recommend that professionals have to be extra vigilant and make sure that no
one is allowed to compromise on costs both when it comes to the construction of the projects and
then when it comes to maintaining and operating them. Ethical considerations need to be looked
into here. There cannot be cases where buildings are certified as achieving compliance to the
necessary requirements from a fire aspect to ensure proper life safety when they are not compliant
just to anticipate that a building is deemed to be ready to be occupied. Such practice would only
endanger the lives of occupants within the development and puts Directors and Professionals
heavily burdened with the liabilities that would emanate from such actions.

We therefore encourage the Government to push forward the process of local building regulations
that should also cover the fire safety aspects of buildings. These regulations should also induce the
requirement for periodic inspections of systems within such buildings and to this effect no distinction
should be made between residential and non-residential buildings.

The Chamber of Engineers is always ready to work with the Government and its competent entities
as we strongly believe in the overarching principle that is core of our profession and that is ensuring
constantly public health and safety.

Inġ. Norman Zammit
President, CoE

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Ing. Norman Zammit delivering the opening speech


The Chamber of Engineers, with the support of Bank of Valletta and other sponsors, proudly held the 15th Edition of the Malta Engineering Excellence Awards (MEEA) on the 1st of December 2016. This year the MEEAs were held at the Verdala Palace under the distinguished patronage of Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta.

The MEEA provide national recognition to individuals and organisations who achieve outstanding engineering accomplishments that had significant impact in Malta recently.

Ing. Norman Zammit, President of the Chamber of Engineers welcomed his audience to the MEEAs. In his speech he congratulated all the nominees and thanked the respective entities for making the MEEAs possible.

Ing. Zammit stated that through the recent renewal of the collaborative agreement with Bank of Valletta, a prize for the winners of the Engineering Student Project Award has been introduced. The aim of this prestigious award is to encouraging top engineering students invest in their future by exposing themselves and their projects to international fora. Ing. Zammit highlighted the importance of ethics in the engineering profession and the Chamber’s continuous commitment to promote ethics as one of the core values in engineering. He concluded by considering the different challenges the Chamber had faced through 2016.

This year, three prestigious categories were awarded. First among these was the Maurice Debono Life Time Achievement award, annually awarded to an individual, committed throughout his/her career to the advancement of Engineering in Malta. This year, the Lifetime Achievement award was presented by Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta to Prof. Dr Ing. Paul Micallef for his various contributions to Engineering throughout the years.
The second category was the Industrial Excellence Award. An award directed towards organisations and companies who demonstrate excellence in their engineering work. The Industrial Excellence Award, this year was presented by the Hon. Minister Dr Helena Dalli to the Water Services Corporation for their innovative Tertiary Treatment Plants for the recycling of water for agriculture, industry and aquifer recharge.

Hon. Dr Dalli also presented the Engineering Students Best Project Awards to Christian Grech, Raisa Chetcuti and Daniel Bonanno for their astounding work in their undergraduate final year projects.

The evening was concluded by a piano recital by renowned pianist and composer Clifford Borg, followed by a reception.

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Bank of Valletta and the Chamber of Engineers renew their collaboration

4th October 2016

Bank of Valletta and the Chamber of Engineers renew their collaboration

Bank of Valletta renewed its association agreement with the Chamber of Engineers. The collaborative agreement was signed by Mr Kenneth Farrugia, Chief Business Development Officer at Bank of Valletta and Ing. Norman Zammit, President of the Chamber of Engineers. The signature took place during a joint educational clinic about Pensions for the members of the Chamber.

Welcoming the attendees, Mr Farrugia explained, “The Bank’s relationship with the Chamber of Engineers has grown from strength to strength over the years. During this time, both parties have collaborated to introduce financial educational initiatives to assist  members of the Chamber, take informed financial decisions.” Mr Farrugia highlighted the role that education plays on the Bank’s agenda. “In this regard, we are also pleased to announce that as part of this agreement, we shall be introducing the BOV Engineering Student Award, with the aim of encouraging the top engineering students to expose themselves and their projects to international fora, thereby investing in their future.”

Ing. Zammit expressed his satisfaction that the two parties are renewing their collaboration. “In today’s world, engineers are becoming increasingly more involved at managerial levels, not only technical posts, therefore it is even more important that they familiarise themselves with the world of financial markets. In light of this, I believe that the synergy between the Bank and the Chamber will lead to greater professional development of the Chamber’s members, which is recognised as important, even at EU level.”

Victoria Azzopardi from EU and Institutional Affairs at Bank of Valletta kicked off the educational clinic by giving an overview of the benefits offered through the BOV Customised Package available to members of the Chamber of Engineers. She also gave insight on the various consumer finance instruments available, so that members can take informed decisions regarding their finances.

Mario Farrugia, Head Bancassurance at Bank of Valletta followed by  giving an overview of the current situation on pensions in Malta and the importance of a third pillar pension.  “Statistics show that life expectancy is increasing circa eight hours a day “The main aim of this educational clinic,” Mr Farrugia said, “is to raise awareness about the importance of saving for one’s retirement particularly when one considers that life expectancy is increasing on average 8 hours per day. Everyone wants to maintain his/her current lifestyle, however this requires planning beforehand. The private pension schemes offered by Bank of Valletta and MSV Life are intended to help in this regard.

In his concluding remarks, Mark Scicluna Bartoli, Head EU and Institutional Affairs at the Bank thanked the engineers for their active participation, and expressed his satisfaction at the high turnout. He reiterated the Bank’s commitment to continue investing in broadening and facilitating access to financial information to the general public.

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CoE encourages sustainable solutions in energy and transport at 23rd Annual Conference

The Chamber of Engineers recently held its 23rd Annual Engineering Conference – this year covering the topic of Energy and Transport: Challenges and Opportunities.

During his address, Chamber of Engineers President Ing. Norman Zammit first referred to transport, stating that through the Sustainable Development Policy, the Government and private sector should work together to provide Smart Travelling. This is reflected in the need to provide efficient, modern travel that is also socially and environmentally aware.

He explained that the strategy should seek to not only establish good highway engineering and access designs to the island but also to demonstrate state-of-the-art sustainable travel opportunities. This means effective management of access and mobility that provides road users with a choice of access modes, infrastructure that makes access hassle free and resulting environment that is pleasant to live and work in.

This also requires the commitment from Government to ensure that adequate public transport opportunities are available and that innovative technologies are exploited to maximize take-up.Ing. Zammit also recommended the introduction of a surface railway system that would cover the south/central areas of the island where the major industrial and commercial activity takes place. Such an investment would bring in the private sector.

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