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Engineers’ role in the future of business development

DATE: 4 March 2011

"Engineering is needed today more than ever, because its practical approach to problem solving is what turns plans into a reality," said Ing. Saviour Baldacchino, President of the Chamber of Engineers during the recently held Annual General Meeting. “It is innovative and creative and able to turn the results of research into practical products and services.”

Ing. Baldacchino outlined the Chamber’s strategy for 2011, explaining that the organisation aimed to increase its lobbying presence with increased participation in consultations relevant to the engineering professions. “We firmly believe that the voice of our Chamber must continue to be heard in the public arena, in order to persist in our mission of promoting engineering,” he said.

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New Kappara distribution centre will be Malta's link to European grid

Enemalta has issued a call for tenders for a new distribution centre in Kappara which will cater for the electricity needs of the North-East of Malta and also be Malta's link with the interconnector to the European power grid, Finance Minister Tonio Fenech said. Preparations for the new distribution centre have already been started, with workers currently drilling galleries through which the cables with run.

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From sewage to potable water

Engineer Marco Cremona’s revolutionary water technology wins acclaim of international panel. It is estimated that each hotel guest in Malta consumes at least three times as much water as a Maltese resident, for an annual consumption of around 3 million cubic metres of water a year.

This bleak fact is what prompted Ing. Marco Cremona to design a system that transforms wastewater, produced by a typical hotel in Malta, into potable water in a reliable and cost-effective way. Through this recycling process, 80% of the water that is normally consumed by the hotel can be saved.

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LPG public consultation

The public can comment on codes of practice drawn up by the Malta Resources Authority on liquefied petroleum gas. A copy of the codes of practice can be downloaded from www.mra.org.mt and comments can be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Less Form-Filling, More Action
Tractor in corn fieldRunning a small business should to be simplified under a new approach steered by the Information Secretariat. During the first in a series of dialogues, the Better Regulation Unit unveiled an action plan to cut down on red tape with the aim of improving competitiveness.

Businesses involved in the environment sector that had been invited for the first round of consultations, were given a chance to flag some administrative burdens.
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