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Misuse of ‘Engineer’ is misleading

10th April 2012


Following various instances of misuse as reported by the media, the Chamber of Engineers would like to clarify the definition of a professional and warranted engineer. It is unfortunate that the term “inġinier” is misused by the media as well as individuals in the political sphere, when in fact referring to technicians. The term is also used incorrectly by Human Resources Managers, who often give the title of ‘Engineer’ to advertised vacant posts which do not require the services of an engineer.

The title of Engineer is in fact protected by law. According to the Engineering Profession Act (Ch.321 of the Laws of Malta), “‘Engineer’ means a person who has obtained a degree in engineering from the University of Malta or from a foreign institution recognised as equivalent.” Furthermore, “‘profession of engineer’ means the profession practiced by an engineer who is a warrant holder.”


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High Level Submissions at Engineering Awards

DATE: 10TH December 2011

Abertax, MITA, the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Malta and Ing. Vince Magri were the winners of this year’s Engineering Excellence Awards, an annual event organised by the Chamber of Engineers. Held on Wednesday 7th December at St. John Cavalier, the 10th edition included awards in three categories: Innovation, Leadership, and Lifetime Achievement. 

The awards were kindly presented by Parliamentary Secretary Dr. Chris Said, together with Chamber of Engineers President Ing. Saviour Baldachino. “This event is an opportunity to showcase the capabilities of the engineering community. With great satisfaction, we note that these Awards keep gaining profile and acceptance from industry,” stated Ing. Baldacchino, during his welcoming address. He congratulated all the winners and nominees for their high-level submissions.

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CoE launches 10th edition of Malta Engineering Excellence Awards.

DATE: 9 November 2011

The Chamber of Engineers is proud to announce the launch of the 10th edition of the Malta Engineering Excellence Awards.  The nominations for 2011 are now open.

“These awards are the Chamber’s opportunity to recognise engineering excellence in the areas of innovation and leadership and to recognise those who throughout their career have contributed significantly to the development of engineering in Malta,” said Ing. Saviour Baldacchino, President of the Chamber of Engineers.

“We are confident that the awards have served to encourage individuals and organisations to strive for excellence and to make the attainment of one of these awards their goal.  This augurs well for the profession and we look forward to a good number of nominations this year,” he added.

The Leadership Award recognises exceptional leadership that demonstrates success in planning, implementation and direction of outstanding achievements, effectiveness in raising the level of engineering excellence, promotion of the engineering profession in industry and society, and technical and economic contributions to the success of the organisation.

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Energy: The Alternatives 2011

This article appeared in The Malta Business Weekly on 19th May 2011.

As the prices of fossil fuels continue to rise and traditional forms of energy become more and more unsustainable, the discussion on alternative energies has grown steadily, with the usual options for alternative energy covered once too often. During its 20th Annual Engineering Conference being held today, the Chamber of Engineers will focus on alternatives to the well known technologies, going beyond the renewable energy sources that have been tackled time and time again. The conference will delve into the renewable energy technologies that can be taken advantage of, the market opportunities for such technologies, and how the local renewable energy scene is evolving.

For the full article, please click here.

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Talking Point: Facing our Water Problems

This article appeared in The Times of Malta on 12th May 2011.

by Ing. Saviour Baldacchino, President, Chamber of Engineers

The original Storm Water Master Plan planned by Government aimed to address the problems of flooding (storm water) and of ground water resources shortages. The key target was to harvest approximately 5-8million m3 of rainwater per annum.

At some stage in the process, the authorities deemed the original targets unfeasible. Thus it was decided that the best course of action was to scale back its scope and targets. Now only addressing the flooding problem, the downsized project aimed to incorporate 10,000m3 of storage and to facilitate the seepage of 650,000m3 per annum into the aquifer.

For the full article, please click here.

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