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Thursday, 13 December 2018
Project Recycles Hotel Sewage into water
A research project by hydrologist Marco Cremona is currently recycling sewage generated in the Radisson Golden Sands Hotel, Għajn Tuffieħa, into potable water.
It is the first project to attempt the direct reuse of wastewater into potable water within commercial premises in the world.

The project, which has been in operation since July, was developed to test a concept developed by Inġ. Cremona that provides complete water recycling for hotels or other large commercial premises.

It is envisaged that a typical Maltese hotel can recycle as much as 80 per cent of its water, while the sludge arising from the treatment can be used as fertiliser.

The plant produces 10,000 litres of potable water daily. This water is currently only being used for irrigation, although it is equivalent in quality to bottled water.

Inġ. Cremona described the process as “economically and technically viable”, since as a result hotels would have to obtain less water from the mains or from their own reverse-osmosis plants, and would also avoid sewerage tariffs as nothing would be discharged in the sewer system.

The process is also eco-friendly, he added, since it is energy efficient and does not require any chemicals.

The partners in this project are German research services company TTZ Bremerhaven, the Island Hotels Group and the Public Health Department.

Malta’s groundwater resources are currently under threat through over use, which led to recent regulations on boreholes. Most of the water used in Malta is obtained through reverse-osmosis plants, but this process is expensive and consumes a significant amount of energy.

Although there is no current plan to obtain drinking water out of recycled sewage, such plans have been carried out elsewhere. One such place is Singapore, which, like Malta, is a small island with nation with a limited water supply.

Source: di-ve.com - 02/12/08

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