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Tuesday, 20 November 2018
Call for Balance in Theory, Practice
If university aspired to excel in engineering, science and technology, it had to invest considerably in research and innovation programmes, according to Ian Buhagiar, an engineering student.

The lack of practical instruction in university courses was strengthening the idea that university was simply churning out academics, he said during yesterday's graduation ceremony at the university's Sir Temi Zammit Hall.

Mr Buhagiar insisted that students were skilled in theory but equipped with little practical experience. He appealed for a balanced compromise between the two in the structure of university courses.

Despite the investment, a considerable number of laboratories were not properly equipped to fulfil required functions. It was not infrequent that students were taught on long-obsolete equipment and machinery, adding that overcrowding of students compounded the problem as there was a limit to how much new equipment could be shared.

The lack of professionals in IT, Mr Buhagiar said, was being "felt considerably," and with the demand for graduates in informatics growing, there was a need for quality assurance officers who could ensure independently that lecturers and curriculums were of the necessary quality.
Graduates in Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)

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Source: Times of Malta - 10/12/2008
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