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Sunday, 24 May 2020
Change of Direction from the Engineering Board

The new council of the Chamber of Engineers (CoE) had met the Engineering Board on 25th March 2019 in order to discuss various matters including the latest updates on the process taking place in order to address deficiencies of the past MCAST graduate courses and to ensure that the new courses are in line with the quality that needs to be attained to meet the highest standards of engineering education. From that meeting, two critical points have been agreed upon:

  1. The past MCAST graduates should bridge any deficiencies through targeted bridging studies comprised of 60 ECTS credits at level 6 with examination based assessment. These bridging studies should be reviewed by external reviewer.
  2. The new MCAST courses should have 240ECTS credits at level 6 again based mostly on examination assessment as well as being reviewed annually by external reviewers

On Thursday 25th April, the Chamber of Engineers received a notice from the Engineering Board that the bridging studies will actually be of 30ECTS credits rather than the 60ECTS credits which was negotiated and agreed upon during numerous past meetings that the CoE has had with the new Engineering Board.

The CoE would like to express its utter dismay on such a radical shift from what was agreed upon. The council would like to stress to all CoE members, warranted professionals and also the general public that it is taking this matter very seriously.

The past MCAST courses were based on 120ECTS at level 5 and 120ECTS credits at level 6 while the course from the University of Malta is a 240ECTS credits course at level 6. Therefore 30ECTS credits only means a total of 150ECTS credits at level 6 rather than a full 240ECTS credits. At the moment, the law requires that only equivalent courses to the University of Malta can lead to the attainment of the warrant. This position is unjust to three interested parties:

  1. Current and past students of the B.Eng. (Hons.) course at the University of Malta
  2. New MCAST students who will be taking a full course of 240ECTS credits at level 6
  3. All current warrant holders who have gone through the University of Malta B.Eng.(Hons.) course.

The Chamber is already considering the various options at its disposal to tackle this issue. In the coming days we shall be calling an Extraordinary General Meeting open to all engineers, graduate engineers and engineering students in order to give the opportunity to everyone to express their views on the way forward from here.


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