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Press Release 06/06/2018


6th June 2018


Fire at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in central London: More than 100 firefighters sent to tackle blaze

“Dozens of residents, guests and members of staff were evacuated after a fire broke out at one of London’s smartest hotels.

Guests at the five star Mandarin Oriental climbed several floors down external fire escapes to get away from thick black smoke billowing above them.

The fire came only a week after the completion of "the most extensive restoration in its 115-year history" - Gareth Davies and Patrick Sawer, senior reporters – The Telegraph

A few days away from the first anniversary of the Grenfell tower fire incident and a few months away from the fire in the car park of the Liverpool arena, another huge fire has broken out in central London. This time it is the five star Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The building came ablaze notwithstanding the fact that the building had undergone the most extensive restoration in its history. This incident once again emphasises the importance of proper fire engineering design and adequate facilities management of buildings.

As a Chamber of Engineers we note with satisfaction the important initiative taken by the Government, through the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects. The setting up of a new authority that will have the function of regulating the construction industry.

We therefore encourage the Government to push forward this process as it shall be the catalyst to the initiation of a holistic process leading to local building regulations that should also cover the fire safety aspects of buildings. These regulations should also induce the requirement for periodic inspections of systems within buildings and to this effect no distinction should be made between residential and non-residential buildings.

The Chamber of Engineers is always ready to work with the Government and its competent entities as we strongly believe in the overarching principle that is core of our profession and that is ensuring constantly public health and safety. We have therefore confirmed our support to the Hon. Dr. Borg that the Chamber of Engineers would be ready to participate on the authority as one of the important stakeholders in the Industry.



Inġ. Norman Zammit

President, CoE


Dr Inġ Daniel Micallef

General Secretary, CoE


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