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Tuesday, 20 November 2018
Misuse of ‘Engineer’ is misleading

10th April 2012


Following various instances of misuse as reported by the media, the Chamber of Engineers would like to clarify the definition of a professional and warranted engineer. It is unfortunate that the term “inġinier” is misused by the media as well as individuals in the political sphere, when in fact referring to technicians. The term is also used incorrectly by Human Resources Managers, who often give the title of ‘Engineer’ to advertised vacant posts which do not require the services of an engineer.

The title of Engineer is in fact protected by law. According to the Engineering Profession Act (Ch.321 of the Laws of Malta), “‘Engineer’ means a person who has obtained a degree in engineering from the University of Malta or from a foreign institution recognised as equivalent.” Furthermore, “‘profession of engineer’ means the profession practiced by an engineer who is a warrant holder.”


The Act also prohibits individuals from the practice of the engineering profession, unless they hold a warrant. Qualifications required for an engineering warrant include having Maltese citizenship or Member State citizenship, possession of the relevant degree, one year of practical training and two years of practice under the supervision of a practicing engineer. This warrant is then issued by the relevant Minister on the recommendation of the Engineering Board as set up by the same Act. Once a warrant is awarded, a person may use the designation “Inġinier” or ‘Inġ’ with their name.


The Chamber of Engineers believes that such misuse is in fact misleading, and does not protect the Maltese community from being offered unprofessional engineering services. It also gives an incorrect picture of what is truly being offered in terms of jobs. In this regard, the CoE recommends that public figures, recruitment officers and others refrain from using the term ‘Engineer’ inappropriately.



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