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Sunday, 16 June 2019
Chamber of Engineers congratulates Helga Pizzuto on new role

DATE: 19 MARCH 2011

The Chamber of Engineers would like to congratulate fellow member and past President, Ing. Helga Pizzuto on being elected President of the Malta Federation of Professional Associations. Ing. Pizzuto held the post of President of the Chamber of Engineers for four years until 2010. During her tenure at the Chamber, Ing. Pizzuto oversaw the development of a number of policies and projects which came to fruition.The Chamber is pleased to note that once again, an individual in the engineering profession has been appointed to a prestigious post, representing her profession and in this case, a number of others. In fact, the Chamber of Engineers is one of the organisations represented by the Federation.

Ing. Pizzuto’s extraordinary career so far, including her current position as chief technology officer at the Malta Communications Authority, and a number of top posts within the local electronics manufacturing and telecommunications industries, is evidence of the versatility and dynamism of the engineering profession.

Ing. Saviour Baldacchino, President of the Chamber of Engineers stated that Ing. Pizzuto’s career should be an inspiration to students and aspiring engineers, as well as to those who have many years of experience. “The potential of a career in engineering is considerable, with the need for engineers’ expertise within numerous industries,” explains Ing. Baldacchino. “Despite our small size, Malta too offers a number of opportunities for the individual who wishes to embark on a successful engineering career.”

The Chamber of Engineers wishes Ing. Pizzuto every success within her new role.