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Tuesday, 20 November 2018
Engineers’ role in the future of business development

DATE: 4 March 2011

"Engineering is needed today more than ever, because its practical approach to problem solving is what turns plans into a reality," said Ing. Saviour Baldacchino, President of the Chamber of Engineers during the recently held Annual General Meeting. “It is innovative and creative and able to turn the results of research into practical products and services.”

Ing. Baldacchino outlined the Chamber’s strategy for 2011, explaining that the organisation aimed to increase its lobbying presence with increased participation in consultations relevant to the engineering professions. “We firmly believe that the voice of our Chamber must continue to be heard in the public arena, in order to persist in our mission of promoting engineering,” he said.

The President pointed out that the changing structure of the economy has led many to think that the future of a sustainable economy is only in services, with manufacturing and thus engineering perceived as out-dated. “This is not the case, and this is what we aim to instill in the public mind through our endeavours,” he explained. “Engineers have an important role to play in the business community, as they are the key players when it comes to innovation and research and development. These factors must be implemented within every business’ operations in order to develop further.”

The Chamber of Engineers also aims to consolidate its core services, and introduce more value-added services in order to enhance membership value. “In the past year we have offered training courses related to pedestrian driving lifting equipment, instrumentation and calibration, wiring regulations, fire regulations and risk management,” stated Ing. Baldacchino. “We aim to extend our educational services, and offer more varied courses to our members.”

“Furthermore, the Chamber will also expand upon the special interest groups and thematic committees, namely, the Information and Communications Technology group, and a second group which is focused on energy and environment,” explained Ing. Baldacchino. “These groups, which are made up of our members, will continue to assist our Chamber through their expertise and experience.”

The Annual General Meeting was followed by the elections of the Executive Council, where Ing. Baldacchino was re-elected President, Ing. Ray Vassallo, Vice President, Ing. Ray Muscat, General Secretary, Ing. Godfrey Muscat, Treasurer and Ing. Paul Refalo, Public Relations Officer. Mr. Daniel Micallef was elected Activities Secretary, Ing. Johan Psaila, Secretary for International Affairs, Ing. Matthew Galea, Membership Secretary, and Student Representative, Mr. Russell Farrugia.


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