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Tuesday, 20 November 2018
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Facing our Water Challenges

The Chamber of Engineers is proud to announce the launch of its 21st Annual Conference, entitled "Water: A 21st century challenge".  The aim of this conference is to analyse the ongoing developments and challenges being faced both locally and internationally.

In this regard, the Chamber is currently accepting submissions of abstracts related to water issues.  Contributors whose abstract is accepted will be required to give a presentation of their work during the conference, which will be held on 9th May 2012.

The water challenges that we experience today are clear. The increasing population growth, urbanisation, increased industrial activity, and climate change are amongst the many factors which give rise to water problems. Now more than ever countries are faced with this problem in a similar way as they are faced with problems related to energy. For this reason, the design of appropriate water management strategies becomes essential. Scientists and engineers are required to create immediate solutions for the present as well as for the future.

Topics of interest will include water in industrial processes, water and renewable energy, wastewater treatment, and the latest developments in reverse osmosis plants and desalination, amongst others.

Instructions for Abstract

Prospective authors should submit an abstract to the organizing committee by email or by post.  The abstract should not exceed one A4 page and should be typed in Times New Roman-12pt., double spaced.  The Authors should clearly highlight the objectives, results and outcomes.  Authors name, affiliation and address (including e-mail) should be mentioned in the abstract. The following formatting should be used for the names and affiliations:

  • Title of the Abstract (14 point with Bold face)
  • Corresponding Author , Author (12 point with italics with bold face)
  • Full Address of the Author (12 point with italics)

Any figures are to be prepared with high resolution.

The Organizing Committee


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