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Tuesday, 20 November 2018
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The Chamber of Engineers' National Annual Engineering Conference for 2010 tackled the manufacturing sector. The conference was held on the 15th April 2010 at the Dolmen Resort Hotel, Qawra. The programme for the conference can be downloaded here.

Is the manufacturing sector history or is it at the heart of a new revolution in Industry, technology and economy? Have services overshadowed manufacturing?  Can local manufacturers operate a sustainable business in the current socio-economic scenario? What strategies are European manufacturers adopting to survive?  What is the impact of new technologies on manufacturing?

‘The sustainability of the manufacturing sector in the Maltese islands requires a framework which allows for high adaptability within the core infrastructure.’ Inġ. Saviour Baldacchino, president of the Chamber said. ‘Investments in the human resource which drives the sector and an appreciation of the necessity of improved operational standards will determine the future of manufacturing in Malta. This conference looked into trends, management processes, new technologies and practices and presented them to various stakeholders in the sector. There is good reason to believe that following the failure in financial services, this was the best moment for a re-consideration of the significance, both economic and otherwise, of the manufacturing sector in which the engineering community plays a central role.’ Inġ. Baldacchino continued.

The aim of the conference was to enrich both the professional and the business communities via an exchange of cutting-edge management practices applicable to product driven companies. By combining an exciting line-up of speakers and workshops, this conferencetoffered valuable knowledge and experiences for all those involved in our manufacturing industry.


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