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Thursday, 22 August 2019
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The future of the energy sector in Malta was the central theme of this year’s engineering conference, Fuelling the Future, which came to a close on Thursday evening with two focused workshops on the national Climate Change Strategy and Renewable Alternative Sources of Energy. The conference was organised by the Chamber of Engineers (CoE) and held at the Hilton Malta.

Throughout the presentations and ensuing debates, a wide array of issues was discussed but, given Malta’s total dependence on fossil fuels and its international targets and obligations, security of supply and finding alternative solutions which make considerable use of renewable energy sources dominated the day.

Workshop participants, mostly engineers and related professionals, also discussed how the energy crisis could be addressed on the micro level and spoke of emerging opportunities which arise by virtue of the shifting political, market and environmental scenario. It was also observed that these opportunities and a positive approach to the country’s targets in this field should be reflected in a national action plan and on the level of policy.

The CoE’s annual engineering conference also raised issues directly relating to the roles and responsibilities of professional engineers who are often the leaders and experts designing both policies and solutions.  The maintenance of a healthy ethical sense of responsibility within the engineering profession is essential not only for individuals’ integrity and credibility but also for the benefit of the country as engineers’ expert advice and decisions often affect hundreds of thousands of people.

The CoE is committed to continue contributing to public debate on issues of national interest by engaging the experience and expertise of its membership pool.  In view of this, the Chamber recently submitted its position on the national Climate Change Strategy proposing a number of measures to address the reduction of Green House Gases as well as its position on a Waste Management strategy.

‘Fuelling the Future’ is supported by Intelligent Space Solutions, Alberta, Citadel, Dedicated Micros, Computime, AIM Enterprises, Maltaenterprise, Exalta and Di Natura.

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