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Sunday, 24 May 2020
Malta Engineering Excellence Awards E-mail
The Malta Engineering Excellence Awards (MEEA) have been created to provide national recognition to individuals and/or organisations who have achieved outstanding engineering accomplishments that have had significant impact on engineering in Maltese society.

In the past there were three categories in the MEEA and these were for Innovation, Leadership and Lifetime Achievement.
Currently there are two categories Industrial Excellence and The Maurice Debono Lifetime Achievement Award.
Each award will consist of a certificate, a prize and the right                                                                      use of the MEEA logo.

Winners of the Malta Engineering Excellence Awards will be announced and presented at the Chamber of Engineers Annual Reception.  These prestigious Annual Awards are organised by the Chamber of Engineers.

Past Malta Engineering Excellence Awards Winners:

Maurice Debono Lifetime Achievement

2018: Ing. Norman Zammit

2017: Ing. Helga Pizzuto and Ing. Anton V. Cutajar

2015: Ing. Paul L. Cardona

2014: Prof. Ing. Joseph Micallef

Special Tribute

Industrial Excellence

2018: Crane Currency Ltd
2017: Malta Life Sciences Park
2013: Water Services Corporation
2012: Hoter Ltd
2011: Abertax Group
2010: Carlo Gavazzi Ltd.
2009: IUBS Programme (Enemalta Corporation, Water Services Corporation & IBM) and Playmobil Ltd. (Malta)
2008: Engineering for Science & Industry
2007: Vodafone Malta Ltd.
2006: New Energy Ltd.
2005: WasteServ Malta Ltd.
2004: Data Stream Ltd.
2003: Methode Electronics Malta Ltd.
2002: Electric Car Project at UoM


2013: Ing. Ryan Xuereb
2012: Ing. Charles Cuschieri
2011: MITA and the Faculty of Engineering, University of Malta
2010: Inġ. Joseph Degabriele
2009: Panta Lesco Ltd.
2008: Malta Group of Professional Engineering Institutions
2007: University Engineering Students' Association
2006: Inġ. Colin Camilleri
2005: Inġ. Raphael Micallef Trigona
2004: Computime Ltd.
2003: Inġ. Joe Muscat
2002: ST Microelectonics Malta Ltd.

Lifetime Achievement

2013: Mr Carmel Azzopardi
2012: Prof. Joseph Mifsud
2011: Ing. Vince Magri
2010: Inġ. Antoine Riolo
2009: Mr. Bartholomew Attard
2008: Mr. Thomas Galea
2007: Inġ. Anthony Muscat
2006: Inġ. Lawrence Ciantar
2005: Inġ. Joseph A. Muscat
2004: Inġ. Gerald Borg
2003: Inġ. Carmel Ellul
2002: Prof Inġ. Maurice Grech

Maurice Debono Memorial Prize

2000: Mr. Frank Fenech
1999: Inġ. Alex Galea
1998: Architect Joe Degaetano
1997: Prof Inġ. Robert Ghirlando
1996: SGS-Thomson
1995: Prof Inġ. Peter P. Farrugia
1994: FEANI
1993: Prof Inġ. Carmel Pule
1992: Inġ. Tom R. Cusens
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